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Defining Electronic Cigarettes

Lummiere’s electronic cigarettes are rechargeable non-tobacco-burning versions of a cigarette with built-in cartridges that work to ensure a smooth draw with maximum vapor. You may inhale an electronic cigarette the same way as you would a real cigarette. The device simulates the act of tobacco smoking by producing a vapor from a liquid solution that turns into an aerosol mist bearing the same sensation, appearance, and often the flavor of tobacco smoke which is called “vaping.” Electronic cigarettes these days are also dubbed e-Cigarettes or even shortened to say ecigs/ e-cigs or e-smokes.

The onset of cigarette smoking is usually as a result of a distinct association between smoking and a particular sensations or disposition – this ranges from feelings of conformity, maturity, calmness in the midst of stress, pacification whether through chemical effects or psychological factors.  Electronic cigarettes emulate the look, taste and overall impression of a traditional cigarette minus the deadly and addictive components – basically giving you the same experience but with reduced risk to your well-being. It is considered a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking, or potentially as a way to wean off them. 

Lummiere electronic cigarettes have been customized for the ideal smokeless tobacco experience without the detrimental effects. You get to enjoy high quality e-Cigarettes in Australia with different flavored cartridges for your distinctive taste. These range from no nicotine to premium flavors.

Taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle has never been easier with a choice of electronic cigarette starter kits from the introductory to the platinum starter kit. Also enhancing the experience would be a variety of options for electronic cigarette accessories, which include batteries & chargers.

At the same time, improve your finances as well as the lifestyle of those around you by becoming one of Lummiere shop’s affiliates. By joining our electronic cigarette partner network, you will get an opportunity to make recurring income as well as see a healthier world for you and your family.


Top 4 Reasons to Use Electronic Cigarettes

1. Healthier lifestyle ~ reduce health risks by taking in less tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful carcinogens that are absent in e-cigarettes
2. Save money & make money ~ addiction to traditional cigarettes compels smokers to buy frequently, while an electronic cigarette being a reusable device reduces expenses. Also get a chance to augment your income with our affiliate program
3. Smoke-less in the absence of passive smoke ~ because e-cigarettes are smoke-less, they can be enjoyed indoors and public areas where smoking is typically not allowed/ prohibited, they can also be enjoyed without guilt as there is no secondhand smoke – instead what is produced is an odorless, water-based vapor that doesn’t cause your clothes & hair to smell as well
4. Flavored options ~ the variety of flavors available on electronic cigarettes make them a delicious alternative to traditional cigarettes